Vimeo Video Responsive Embed Code – Simple to follow Tutorial

In this video I am showing you how to edit the embed code for your Vimeo Video so that it becomes a responsive video, this means it will resize depending on what device the viewer is using.

This is part a set of WordPress video tutorials. They teach you how to build a Professional Responsive WordPress Website from scratch using Headway Themes:

I run through the whole process from beginning to end using Headway Themes Visual Editor along with some other tricks using CSS. There is no need for you to use Headway Themes for this as the embed code will work on any WordPress page. But if you did want to following the tutorials I have created, you will need to buy a copy of Headway and as I am an affiliate there is no reason not to use my Affiliate link to buy it. You don’t get charged any extra and I get a little kick back if you do, so please visit: to purchase your copy of the theme.